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In 1991 Dr Amazis Salama held a telephone survey to about 60 Arabic speaking doctors picked at random from the telephone book expressing an interest in forming an association to serve their interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive. The first meeting was held in Dr Salama’s surgery in Auburn where the name of the association was agreed upon.

The first management committee meeting was held on the 9th November 1993 including the following:

Dr Amazis Salama, Dr Medhat Guiguis, Dr Assaad Malek, Dr William Gayed, Dr Mourad Nosir, Dr Louis Moussa, Dr Antwan Sanki, Dr Yehya Saleh, Dr Mahmood Abdalla, Dr Davina Farag, Dr Raouf  Farag, Dr Clare Gabril, Dr Safwat Hanna, Dr W Makari, Dr Theodora Salama, Dr S Amin, Dr Emin Gad, Dr Wafik Latif, Dr Victor Tadros, Dr Adel Soliman, Dr Nabil Ibrahim, Dr Magda Alkateb, Dr William Gayed and Dr Raouf Salim.

The successive presidents of the association are: Dr Amazis Salama (Foundation President) Dr Medhat Guirgis, Dr Antwan Sanki, Dr Louis Moussa, Dr Assaad Malek, Dr Adel Soliman, Dr Michael Dawood, Dr Theodore Salama, Dr Antwan Barich, and Dr Ziad Fashka .

The first article of the constitution indicates that this association has to be non-racial, non-religious and non-political party organization.

Our key aim is to create, connect and promote a network of medical professionals and their businesses.

In linking GPs, Specialists, Dentists, Pharmacists and Allied health professionals, we believe we can improve our member’s businesses and increase the quality of their patient’s care.

The AAMA has recently developed strong relationships with various financial institutions, so that its members are guaranteed exclusive deals. AAMA will guarantee a cheaper and comprehensive deal on loans, indemnity, income protection or life insurance, saving you considerable amounts of money.

The various social events held by the AMMA include activities like BBQ’s, cruises, parties etc allowing families to meet and connect with each other in a fun and friendly environment.

The AAMA is also excited to support the growing number of medical students from Arabic backgrounds by offering them support and assistance in training placements. We believe our younger members are an integral part of our association as we see them as future medical leaders in our association.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing assistance for overseas Arabic Medical graduates. Our members have valuable experience in helping them navigate the system and getting their qualifications recognized in Australia.